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Unique Ink, established in 2013, is a woman-owned business located in the heart of Northeast Arkansas that provides full service apparel decorating. Our main services include screen printing, embroidery, and most importantly, design skills to meet the unique needs of our local community and clients.

Our Story

Born out of an idea to provide affordable custom screen printed t-shirts to a local company and their employees, Unique Ink was founded upon the principles of being... unique. We wanted to provide an avenue for those seeking truly personalized t-shirt designs along with top notch customer service. We started small, as most new companies do. Our humble beginnings created a foundation for our unrivaled customer service that we continue to build on year after year.

Meet The Team


Barbara Weese

Owner and Founder


Whitni Metheny

Graphic Designer and Manager

Mother/Daughter Duo

Barbara and Whitni are a mother/daughter team that run the business together. Running a family business has its ups and downs, but the duo powers through the difficult times and always looks to the positive and rewarding aspects that Unique Ink brings to their family and the community.

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