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T-shirt Fundraisers

Fundraisers are made easy with Unique Ink! We set up a group order link for you, and do 99% of the work! For information on group order links, click         . Continue reading for more information on how the fundraiser works!


You can sell the items for any price to raise the funds you require. We will deduct the retail cost of the item sold, and the excess amount will be your fundraised amount.

*Example: If the retail cost of the shirt is $13.20, and you sell the shirt for $24, there will be an excess of $10.80 per shirt. A 10% fee will be deducted from the excess amount to cover processing fees. The final amount you will take away from the sale is $9.72. (Taxes are paid on each transaction by the customer.)

Collecting your Funds

During the sale and upon request, we can email you a dashboard link to view sales and fundraising amount. Any excess funds after our costs are collected will be given to you via check. This will be ready for pick up a few days after the order link has closed. 

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